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Party Contact Lenses

Glow Yellow | Party Contact Lenses
Your eyes will shine like the moon. Use them for a nigh club or UV equipped party.
£16.99 £23.99
Green (N232) | Party Contact Lenses
Natural looking speckled green. Can be worn on a daily basis. Perfect with violet makeup.
£15.29 £25.99
Silver Diamond (N515) | Party Contact Lenses
Glittering diamond pattern in metalic carbon and quartz tones.
£15.29 £25.99
Silver Flames (N525) | Party Contact Lenses
Flecks of light and dark diving towards the pupil like shadowy flames.
£15.29 £25.99
Space Blue | Party Contact Lenses
Turn your eyes completely blue, even if they are naturally dark.
£13.99 £21.99
Star and Jewel Black Gold | Party Contact Lenses
Elegant ready to party effect. Golden bars being drawn into the pupil.
£15.99 £21.99
Star and Jewel Gold | Party Contact Lenses
Shavings of gold that sparkle in the light. Creates an outstanding glamourous effect.
£15.99 £21.99
Star and Jewel Silver Star | Party Contact Lenses
Little silver stars and clouds on a black night sky.
£15.99 £21.99
Swirly Black (N509) | Party Contact Lenses
Irresistible. A unique sexy look achieved with just a delicate addition of details to the iris.
£15.29 £25.99
Swirly Brown (N504) | Party Contact Lenses
Whirls of gold will not go unnoticed. Sure to add a little excitement.
£15.29 £25.99
Swirly Grey (N505) | Party Contact Lenses
Interesting and pretty, a very subtle change but effective.
£15.29 £25.99
Glow Green | Party Contact Lenses
Perfect for wild parties and crazy events in UV light, freaky and green, your eyes will seem to shine like cat's.
Star and Jewel Silver Jewel | Party Contact Lenses
Hypnotizing, swirling silver. Simply put, beautiful.
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