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Party Contact Lenses

A fantastic addition to any party outfit.

BigEyes Awesome Black | Party Contact Lenses
Natural pattern and deep black, just what you need for a daily look enhancement.
£14.99 £21.99
BigEyes Cool Blue | Party Contact Lenses
15mm large diameter, cool blue. Make your eyes beautifully and big today.
£12.74 £21.99
BigEyes Dolly Black | Party Contact Lenses
Lady GaGa big eyes effect in black. Make your eyes look bigger and brighter with a doll like appearance.
£14.99 £21.99
BigEyes Evening Grey | Party Contact Lenses
Beautiful grey circle of natural bars. Large diameter, go perfectly with coloured makeup.
£14.99 £21.99
BigEyes Party Green | Party Contact Lenses
Gorgeous green circle which willl add very pretty green to your eyes and will make them seem larger.
£14.99 £21.99
BigEyes Pretty Hazel | Party Contact Lenses
Natural parrern in nutty rich colours. Larger more doll like size and appearance.
£14.99 £21.99
BigEyes Sexy Brown | Party Contact Lenses
Go sexy brown for bigger, brighter lingering looks.
£12.74 £21.99
BigEyes Sweet Honey | Party Contact Lenses
Fabulous golden honey colour that will enlarge your eyes. And you can wear them every day as they are available in prescription powers.
£12.74 £21.99
BigEyes Ultra Violet | Party Contact Lenses
Fantastic violet with eye enlargement effect. Wear with green make-up and become irresistible.
£14.99 £21.99
Black Diamond (N519) | Party Contact Lenses
Subtle diamind pattern surrounding your iris will have you feeling like a shining diamond.
£11.21 £25.99
Black Flames (N529) | Party Contact Lenses
Pupils surrounded by stylish black flames. Subtle, sexy and very cool.
£11.21 £25.99
Blue Flames (N521) | Party Contact Lenses
Vivid blue with a pretty, flamy pattern and a circle on the outer edge which enlarges the eye.
£11.21 £25.99
Eyelush Aqua | Party Contact Lenses
Get a mysterious look with beautiful pale aqua. They will provide you with an pretty, lustrous look.
£10.11 £15.99
Eyelush Blue | Party Contact Lenses
With these your eyes will gain a sexy mesmerizing star burst of blue on black.
£10.11 £19.99
Eyelush Brown | Party Contact Lenses
If you're looking for a wild brown with hints of intensity and depth, these are it.
£10.11 £19.99
Eyelush Choco | Party Contact Lenses
Ever wanted a mysterious dark-chocolate eye colour? Now you can.
£10.11 £19.99
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What kinds of party contacts can you get?

When you go partying, you want to look your absolute best, which means that – apart from a stunning outfit – you also need a pair of matching coloured contact lenses!

At Optyk Rozmus online shop, you can find great options suitable for any occasion, from a wild night at a club to a quiet party at a posh restaurant. The designs that we offer here are often showy (fantastic for a New Year’s Eve bash or a hen night), but we also have lenses that are simply glamorous and discreetly enhance your natural eye colour.

Of course, if you fancy something even more dramatic, you can look around our other categories, especially in the ‘Themes’ section, which includes lenses designed to create some radical looks.

So decide what kind of impression you’d like to make and check out our party contact lenses. You’ll definitely find a pair that’ll blow everyone’s mind!