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Fashion and Beauty Contact Lenses

For us, different occasions mean different types and colour contact lenses. If you are planning a wild party in a club, you might want to wear something that will stand out and make you noticeable, like bright colour contact lenses. If you're going on a romantic date, glamour contact lenses enhancing your natural beauty would be the way to go. We divided our coloured contact lenses into categories that will help you choose something perfect for a particular occasion.


Natural Colour

Colours and styles of contact lens designed to blend naturally with your eye colour.

Bright Colours

Standout vivid colours and designs. You will be noticed.

Big Eyes

Larger deeper iris and natural colour blends to add depth.


Fun, sexy and crazy - something to spice up your party.


A mix of subtle and dramatic colours and designs for when you need a bit of sparkle.

The Best Fashion and Beauty Contact Lenses Online

By using different styles of contact lenses you can change your eyes appearance every day. If you are meeting an old friend and you want to impress them with your great, young look, wear natural colour contact lenses that will emphasize your beautiful eyes. If you are going out for a party, you can wear something more dramatic, like big eyes contacts, which will make you look sexy and distinctively different.

Our beautiful contact lenses come in every natural colour and many iris enhancing designs, you can make your eyes a little or a lot greener or bluer or bigger or brighter. The options are endless with only your imagination as the limiting factor. If you want to see how people are using our lenses for a little inspiration please check out our Instagram page and the amazing people we follow. Link at the bottom of the page.