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Contact Lenses Some Useful Facts

Before you choose your contact lenses make sure you know exactly which lens parameters are best for you. It is always recommended that you see an eye care specialist before using contact lenses for the first time as they are best qualified to prescribe which lens size and power would suit your eye and your lifestyle. No matter if they're corrective or 0 power crazy contact lenses, wearing incorrectly fitted lenses can cause eye irritation, infections or even injury. Additionally being careful when handling or cleaning your contact lenses is extremely important.

Make sure you know your prescription and how to care for your lenses before deciding which pair of contacts to buy – nothing should be more important to you than your health!

Putting contact lenses in the eye With Optyk Rozmus you’ll find that wearing contact lenses can be:

  • Safe and healthy
  • Easy and convenient
  • Fun and exciting
  • Cheap and easily affordable

Have a look in our online shop and choose the best pair for you!

Along with the ongoing diversification of the contact lens market, the popularity of contacts grows larger and larger every year. Because of this, there is now a wide variety of contact lenses to choose between: coloured contact lenses, daily disposable, continuous wear, monthly or weekly. All of these offer users a versatile and comfortable alternative to traditional glasses.

At Optyk Rozmus you can choose from a fabulous range of hand picked and tested corrective, coloured and cosmetic contact lenses from the most famous and best brands in the world.

If this is the first time you are buying a set of contact lenses, you are in the right place. Our online shop offers a great variety of contacts from which you can choose the ones most suitable for your needs.  If you are not sure, however, what you need, you might want to become familiar with a few facts about these products that can help you with choosing the ones right for you.

Most importantly, before making your choice, you need to have your eyes tested by an ophthalmologist or eye care professional, who will write a prescription stating what kind of lenses would be recommended for you and what corrective power you need. Furthermore, before making a purchase, have a contact lens fitting session with your eye care professional - it will provide you with the information you need regarding the best base curve and lens diameter for you. This is the best way of ensuring you have a good comfortable fit and gain invaluable experience in fitting contact lenses to your eyes.

There are four main reasons for people to buy contacts:

  1. Corrective contact lenses - prescribed for people with:
    • Myopia, or nearsightedness - a defect preventing you from seeing objects clearly which are located far away as they will seem blurred and indistinct. Many types of contacts are applicable in cases of myopia including  coloured, daily, continuous wear or monthly disposables.
    • Contact lensesHypermetropia, or farsightedness - a defect opposite to myopia - in that distant object are seen clearly, whereas near objects seem blurred. As in the case of myopic patients, almost all kinds of lenses can be prescribed here, the most common being daily, monthly or continuous wear contact lenses.
    • Astigmatism - a defect in which there are more than one focal points located in different meridians in the eye. A toric contact lens is applicable in the case of astigmatism.
    • Presbyopia - a malady connected with aging of the eye, when the lens loses it’s elasticity. It is quite common among people in their 40’s. To cure this defect, bifocal or multifocal lenses are available for prescription.
  2. Ophthalmologic contact lenses - can noticeably improve your vision as they do not share the drawbacks associated with wearing spectacles. They do not have frames and they stick closely to the eye, which prevents any types of distortions. Furthermore, they cannot get dirty in the same way as glasses - they are resistant to moisture and dust and therefore do not tend to blur the vision or fog.
  3. Cosmetic contact lenses - spectacles, unless very carefully chosen, can substantially change a person’s look and not always for the better. Some people need vision correction of some kind but are reluctant to wear glasses because of the above mentioned reason. Contacts are a perfect solution in this case - they are practically invisible and therefore you will retain your looks and improve the natural beauty of your eyes. Moreover, with the wide variety of natural coloured lenses, there is an easy way to change your eye colour in addition to improving your eyesight. 
  4. Convenience contact lenses - Wearing glasses can be problematic for people who like to actively participate in sports, especially when the weather gets unpleasant. Rain drops and steam impair the vision significantly, sometimes making it completely impossible to see anything. As a contact lens user you can, however, enjoy any type of sport like mountain biking, boxing, jogging, football, golf or even swimming without worrying about your vision declining. Dailies are probably the best choice for active, sporty people.

As shown above, contact lenses bring a great deal of advantages and comfort to their users. Our vast collection of lenses includes products from the best and the most popular manufacturers, like Air Optix, Acuvue, Neo Cosmo, Bausch & Lomb, Freshlook, Purevision, Dailies and many others.

There is no need to search any longer - give your eyes a present and help them be healthy and beautiful using contact lenses from Optyk Rozmus.