New Instructions for Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solutions Published

New Instructions for Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solutions PublishedA new set of instructions regarding the use of hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens care solutions have been published by the US Food and Drug Administration. The new instructions focus on warning contact lens wearers against using hydrogen peroxide-based systems just like multipurpose ones, as this can lead to very unpleasant complications.

According to the FDA, every patient should discuss the best methods of cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses with their eye care practitioners. This is because cleaning contact lenses improperly often results in infections, sometimes causing ulcers and corneal scarring (requiring a transplant).

The instructions (referred to as ‘consumer update’) explain the mechanism of action of hydrogen peroxide solutions and stress that they are not risk-free. All warning labels need to be read carefully and the disinfecting process has to be followed strictly to ensure the solution is neutralised before contact lenses are reapplied. Otherwise, patients can experience stinging, burning or even have their eyes permanently damaged.