Boy Demonstrates the Benefits of Contact Lenses for Young Patients

Boy Demonstrates the Benefits of Contact Lenses for Young PatientsContact lenses are often considered to be unsuitable for young patients. However, the case of an 11-year-old boy from Belper (Derbyshire) shows that children can really benefit from wearing contact lenses instead of glasses.

Archie Lewis, a talented young football player, was fitted with contact lenses about a year ago. Immediately afterwards, he started to feel more confident in his role as a goalkeeper for Belper Town Under 12s.

Interviewed by a local journalist, he explained that goalkeepers need to see the entire field well. Before being fitted with contact lenses, for instance, Archie had to watch his teammates closely to prepare for a new situation on the pitch. This gave him less time to react and effectively defend the goal.

Archie’s mother, Claire Lewis, stressed that he had adjusted to his new morning routine very quickly and takes care of his contact lenses very well.

According to the results of a recent study, approximately two thirds of teenagers believe that using contact lenses instead of glasses allows them to play sports better. What is more, around 90% of them have no problems cleaning and maintaining their lenses on a daily basis.