Playing It Safe with Contact Lenses and Makeup

Playing It Safe with Contact Lenses and MakeupContact lenses and make-up can both have a very positive impact on one’s appearance. However, when they are worn at the same time, it is advisable to ‘play it safe’, an expert has stressed.

According to Meera Murugesan, a writer for New Straits Times, contact lenses should be inserted before make-up is applied, because it makes keeping them clean much easier. Lotions, powders, oils and creams can contaminate contact lenses and cause severe complications, including corneal abrasions, infections as well as allergic reactions.

Contact lens wearers, the expert adds, are advised to choose cosmetics that have been ophthalmologically tested. Products marked as hypoallergenic, oil-free or fragrance-free are recommended, as they are less likely to cause eye irritation.

The way make-up is applied is also extremely important, Ms Murugesan states in her article. For instance, eye shadow should be applied on a primer to ensure it does not get into the eye. Also, it is a good idea to clean applicators and brushes regularly as well as to sharpen pencil eyeliners every time they are used to make sure the tip is free from dirt and dust.