New Daily Contact Lenses Launched

New Daily Contact Lenses LaunchedVisioneering Technologies has introduced a new brand of daily disposable contact lenses, NaturalVue Sphere 1-day.

According to the company’s chief medical officer and vice president of regulatory and clinical affairs, Dr Sally M. Dillehay, NaturalVue Sphere contact lenses can be purchased in powers ranging from +4.00 D to -12.00 D in 0.25 D steps.

Speaking at a press conference, Dr Dillehay stressed that the company’s goal is to redefine vision by providing as many patients as possible with clear vision. The wide power range that the new contact lenses are available in, she added, will allow eye care practitioners to fit a larger number of patients, even with high myopia, in whom a quarter dioptre can be extremely important.

NaturalVue Sphere 1-day contact lenses utilise Visioneering’s proprietary ComfortEdge Technology, enhancing tear exchange to ensure that the lenses are clear, clean and appropriately comfortable all day long, Dr Dillehay also stated. The effectiveness of the technology was confirmed by patients who had already had a chance to try NaturalVue Sphere contact lenses, she concluded.