Clarity 1 Day Toric Contact Lenses Available in 90 pack

Clarity 1 Day Toric Contact Lenses Available in 90 packCooperVision has announced that its Clarity 1 Day Toric contact lenses will now be available in 90-pack cartons, allowing patients to purchase a 3-month supply conveniently and at an attractive price.

According to Inga Grote-Ebbs, the director of 1-day brands at CooperVision, the addition of the 90-pack cartons will provide patients with the same convenience that the wearers of spherical daily contact lenses already have. What is more, eye care practitioners will have an opportunity to make sure that patients replace their lenses in accordance with the recommended schedule, which will lead to fewer complications.

Commenting on the decision, Dr Michele Andrews, the company’s director of professional affairs, stressed that other Clarity 1 Day contact lenses can already be purchased in 90-packs.

Clarity 1 Day Toric contact lenses, CooperVision emphasises in its latest press release, are characterised by high water content for all-day comfort. In addition, they feature the WetLoc technology, keeping their surface as moist as the surface of a healthy cornea.