Startup to Use Contact Lenses to Get Rid of VR Headsets

Startup to Use Contact Lenses to Get Rid of VR HeadsetsVirtual reality has become very trendy recently, but it still requires bulky headsets, which are not always very comfortable to wear. Fortunately, they could soon be replaced by contact lenses used in combination with regular-size eyeglasses.

Innovega, a startup company is developing a virtual reality set (referred to as ‘eMacula’) consisting of glasses with embedded LCD screens and special contact lenses allowing the eye to focus on them properly.

According to Steve Willey, Innovega’s CEO, the company has solved the optics problem that made it impossible to place screens right in front a person’s eyes by adding special contact lenses. The lenses, whose design resembles that of standard bifocal contact lenses worn by patients with presbyopia, can be customised to correct their wearer’s vision. Consequently, the lenses may be used on a daily basis, just like standard contacts.

At the moment, Innovega is working on obtaining marketing clearance from health authorities. Clinical trials have been carried out for about a year and their preliminary results are positive.