Chinese Researchers Invent Invisible Circuits for Smart Contact Lenses

Chinese Researchers Invent Invisible Circuits for Smart Contact LensesResearchers working at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing have announced the development of an invisible electrical circuit within a polymer used in the production of contact lenses, which brings us yet another step closer to smart contacts.

The team, led by Professor Song Yanlin, managed to create the circuit by injecting silver ink (capable of conducting electricity) into the contact lens material. The ink forms a mesh of wires that are so tiny (one micrometre in width) that they are simply invisible to the naked eye. What is important, the circuit is resistant to bending, so devices that will use it may be flexible.

According to the researchers, this invisible circuit could be used not only for developing smart contact lenses, but also other wearable devices, such as smart bands and medical equipment (e.g. artificial skin monitoring prostheses). The possibilities seem to be unlimited.

Let us hope the invention will be quickly used by major companies to create new products.