Younger Wearers Better at Following Contact Lens Instructions

by Joel Harrison 15. February 2016 11:30

Younger Wearers Better at Following Contact Lens InstructionsContact lens care is extremely important for healthy and comfortable lens wear. However, a number of patients treat this lightly, resulting in unpleasant complications, which prompts healthcare organisations to carry out research into the problem. Recently, the American Optometric Association revealed the results of its survey investigating how closely different age groups follow contact lens wear and care instructions.

The research project, referred to as the American Eye-Q Survey, showed that younger contact lens users are significantly better at following lens instructions closely than older ones. For instance, a much larger majority of patients born between 1978 and 1994 replace daily disposable contact lenses in accordance with their practitioners’ recommendations. The same is true for storing and cleaning two weekly and monthly contact lenses (though proper contact lens maintenance is a bit of a problem in all age groups, the data suggest).

Common contact lens care mistakes that the research revealed in all age groups included using rewetting drops to clean lenses (33%) and using water to soak them (19-22%).

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