UV Light Blocking Contact Lenses Tested

by Joel Harrison 14. February 2016 12:45

UV Light Blocking Contact Lenses TestedA number of modern contact lenses offer protection against ultraviolet radiation. But are UV blockers embedded in contact lenses really effective? A study recently carried out by a team of Spanish researchers answers the question.

The scientists compared contact lenses with and without ultraviolet filters, checking how much the former can protect our eyes against sun damage. To obtain the transmission curves of the tested contact lenses, they used a device called spectrophotometer and utilised a CIE standard.

According to information provided by their manufacturers, five of the examined brands of contact lenses had ultraviolet filters. The tests showed excellent light transmission in the visible range for all of the studied contact lenses. However, the UV range was blocked only by the lenses with ultraviolet filters. These turned out to vary in their effectiveness, but met all the required standards.

In view of the results, the authors of the study recommended wearing contact lenses with UV blockers to protect our eyes against damage caused by ultraviolet light.

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