Daily Contact Lenses Proven to Reduce Lens Discomfort

by Joel Harrison 12. February 2016 11:30

Daily Contact Lenses Proven to Reduce Lens DiscomfortEye care practitioners often recommend switching to daily disposable contact lenses to patients complaining about contact lens-related discomfort. Now, there is scientific evidence that such recommendations are justified.

A team of researchers have recently carried out a study to compare how two brands of daily disposable contact lenses affect comfort in wearers having issues with two weekly and monthly lenses. The study included 76 subjects, who were randomly divided into two groups, A and B. Group A received Nelfilcon A and Group B Delefilcon A contact lenses. Subsequently, the subjects were regularly examined and completed questionnaires assessing their contact lens comfort.

The results showed improvement in both groups, though Delefilcon A contact lenses were significantly more effective. After the study, more than 92% of the subjects opted for daily disposable contact lenses, with 78% of them preferring Delefilcon A material (used in Alcon’s Dailies Total 1) to Nelfilcon A (utilised by the manufacturer of DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus).

Concluding their report, the researchers pointed out that switching to daily disposable contact lenses in patients complaining about discomfort is recommended, but eye care practitioners need to choose an appropriate lens material.

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