Study Finds Children Easy to Teach to Take Care of Contact Lenses

by Joel Harrison 10. February 2016 12:02

Study Finds Children Easy to Teach to Take Care of Contact LensesMore and more children wear contact lenses, enjoying their benefits on a daily basis. Some parents and eye care practitioners, though, are still reluctant to allow kids to switch from glasses to contacts. To check whether such an attitude is justified, a team of researchers have recently carried out a special study.

The scientists recruited almost 180 children aged 8-16 years and fitted them with soft contact lenses, providing them with adequate training and monitoring their lens wear habits.

Only eight of the children discontinued contact lens wear during the study (mostly in its first week). More than 90% of the subjects received their contact lenses during the first training visit, which took about 30 minutes on average. There were no significant differences between boys and girls in terms of required instruction time and only nine of the participants needed a second training visit. During the study, no serious complications were reported and only four of the children turned out to be unable to handle contact lenses after two training visits.

The authors of the study concluded that children are easy to fit with soft contact lenses and that they quickly learn to take care of their lenses.

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