Ortho K Contact Lenses Stabilise Myopia in 3 Adult Patients

by Joel Harrison 8. February 2016 12:02

Ortho K Contact Lenses Stabilise Myopia in 3 Adult PatientsOrthokeratology contact lenses are currently being investigated as a means of slowing down myopia in children. However, a team of researchers suggest that such lenses may also be effective in stabilising short-sightedness in adults.

The researchers fitted three patients with early-adult onset short-sightedness with orthokeratology (or corneal reshaping therapy) contact lenses. The patients’ refractive errors ranged from -1.50 D to -2.50 D and the lenses they were fitted with were made by Paragon Vision Sciences. The subjects wore ortho-K contact lenses for three years and then were followed-up for one more year to check whether myopia was stable.

The treatment was effective in all of the subjects, whose uncorrected vision was 20/20 or even better. What is more, during the treatment period, the patients’ refractive errors did not change and the same was true after the discontinuation of corneal reshaping therapy.

Commenting on the results, the researchers emphasised that their report demonstrates the possibility of stabilising early-adult onset myopia with the use of orthokeratology contact lenses, though this still needs to be confirmed.

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