Study Investigates the Safety of Orthokeratology Contact Lenses

by Joel Harrison 7. February 2016 11:30

Study Investigates the Safety of Orthokeratology Contact LensesOrthokeratology uses custom-made rigid gas permeable contact lenses to correct vision by temporarily changing the shape of the cornea. The lenses are worn overnight and patients require no additional vision correction throughout the next day.

As overnight wear is always risky, researchers keep testing the safety of orthokeratology contact lenses. Recently, a team led by Dr Ravi C. Bakaraju have evaluated ortho-K lenses made in Boston XO2 material and published their results in Contact Lens & Anterior Eye.

The study included 126 short-sighted patients (aged 9-62 years) with healthy eyes, who did not receive any medications that could affect vision. They wore orthokeratology contact lenses for at least 7 hours each night and were regularly examined.

The researchers noted that the effectiveness of overnight correction increased over time (starting from 34% on day 1 and reaching 100% after week 12). There were no serious complications during the follow-up period and the authors of the study concluded that ortho-K contact lenses made in Boston XO2 material are both safe and effective, and can be recommended for correcting short-sightedness.

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