Peripheral Vision May Be the Key to Controlling Short Sightedness

by Joel Harrison 5. February 2016 11:30

Peripheral Vision May Be the Key to Controlling Short SightednessThe possibility of controlling myopia with the use of specially designed contact lenses is being investigated by an increasing number of researchers from different centres. Recently, an expert on the subject has pointed to the significance of peripheral vision correction in dealing with the issue.

According to Dr Earl Smith III, appropriate vision correction is essential to slowing down the progression of short-sightedness in children, which translates into reducing the ultimate severity of the condition in adults. Interviewed earlier this month, the expert stressed the importance of the issue, whose prevalence has been growing for decades and is now alarmingly high. As a result, Dr Smith added, developing and introduced an effective solution would have a great impact on public health.

Thanks to several breakthroughs, the expert assured, his team was close to coming up with a few vision correction options reducing the speed at which myopia progresses in children. Hopefully, they will soon be approved for use by authorities and start helping young patients all over the world.

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