Corneal Contact Lenses Can Be Used to Treat Keratoconus

by Tim Fletcher 1. February 2016 11:15

Corneal Contact Lenses Can Be Used to Treat KeratoconusNowadays, patients suffering from keratoconus are usually treated with the use of scleral contact lenses, which are larger than standard ones and are generally more effective in offsetting corneal irregularities. However, eye care experts writing for Contact Lens Spectrum, have suggested that equally satisfying results can often be obtained using corneal lenses.

The experts, Dr Patrick J. Caroline and Dr Mark P. Andre, described the case of an 18-year-old patient with keratoconus in both eyes. After initial examination, the patient’s corneas were mapped and evaluated for height differences to determine the best course of action and the likelihood of success. Tests results prompted the experts to fit the patient with corneal rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which turned out to provide appropriate comfort and vision.

In their article, Dr Caroline and Dr Andre emphasise that properly fitted corneal contact lenses result in very few complications. In addition, they suggest that scleral contact lenses have been used for a much shorter period than corneal ones and therefore have not been studied as extensively. Consequently, we know a great deal more about the long-term effects of fitting patients with corneal lenses.

When making a decision about prescribing a given type of contact lenses in a specific patient, the expert concludes in the article, practitioners should opt for corneal lenses and fit scleral ones only if necessary.

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