Most Patients After LASIK Surgery Wear Contact Lenses or Glasses

by Joel Harrison 31. January 2016 11:45

Most Patients After LASIK Surgery Wear Contact Lenses or GlassesLaser eye surgery seems to continue gaining popularity in the UK, but a recent study suggests that most patients who have undergone the procedure still wear either contact lenses or glasses.

The study included almost 2,500 patients after refractive surgery (1,900 of whom had both eyes corrected) as well as just over 100,000 who had not undergone it. The researchers analysed the sociodemographic characteristics of the patients, their medical histories and subjective reports.

Approximately 57% of the patients who had undergone laser surgery in both eyes reported contact lens and/or eyeglasses wear. The proportion was even higher among those who had had only one of their eyes corrected and exceeded 75%. By comparison, almost 90% of people with refractive errors who had not undergone eye surgery wore contact lenses or glasses.

According to the authors of the study, LASIK eye surgery was the most popular among younger and wealthier patients, but there was no correlation between the willingness to undergo the procedure and the level of education.

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