Hands Free Contact Lenses Promises Easier Lens Application

by Tim Fletcher 28. January 2016 11:30

Hands Free Contact Lenses Promises Easier Lens ApplicationInserting and removing contact lenses may soon become much easier for some patients than before, all thanks to an invention just announced by World Patent Marketing.

The Hands Free Contact Lenses, the manufacturer argues in its latest press release, improves the way patients handle contact lenses. Thanks to the invention, it is not necessary to have steady hands or a great deal of patience to insert a pair of contact lenses, the release continues. To safely apply a contact lens, one just needs to put the cup portion of the device over the lens and squeeze the tube lightly. Then the patient simply moves the lens over the eye and releases it from the device.

The Director of Manufacturing at World Patent Marketing, Jerry Shapiro, emphasised that people wear contact lenses for aesthetic and practical reasons and really enjoy the benefits they provide. However, handling them can be difficult for some wearers, resulting in frustration and, occasionally, eye injuries. The Hands Free Contact Lenses solves the problem quite effectively, Shapiro claimed.

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