Technological Progress Allows Almost Everyone to Wear Contact Lenses

by Tim Fletcher 25. January 2016 11:30

Technological Progress Allows Almost Everyone to Wear Contact LensesIn the past, many groups of patients could not wear contact lenses because of their eye conditions (e.g. ocular surface diseases) or the nature of their refractive errors (such as irregular astigmatism). Now, however, thanks to several important breakthroughs in contact lens technology, virtually anyone who would like to switch from glasses to contact lenses can do it quickly and easily.

According to the chairman of the British Society for Refractive Surgery, Dr Chidambara Pillai, contact lenses are much better than in the past, which means that patients with even extremely rare conditions can have their vision corrected with contacts.

On the whole, the expert noted in an interview for the Express, patients have a number of options to choose from even if they are not willing to wear contact lenses. For instance, they can undergo laser eye surgery or have intraocular lenses implanted, which have recently been perfected, resulting in better outcomes and shorter recovery times, Dr Pillai emphasised.

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