Making Multipurpose Contact Lens Solutions More Effective

by Tim Fletcher 23. January 2016 11:00

Making Multipurpose Contact Lens Solutions More EffectiveMultipurpose lens care solutions are used by a huge number of patients (almost 75%) and they are generally quite effective in cleaning contact lenses. However, they do not always succeed in removing surface deposits, which tend to build up and affect vision, health and comfort. Fortunately, an eye care expert assures, it is very easy to improve their effectiveness.

As Dr Andrew Pucker points out, contact lenses are exposed to different contaminates, some of which are very difficult to remove (e.g. make-up). Multipurpose solutions are made to reduce the number of bacteria, fungi and other pathogens found on contact lenses as well as to remove deposits from their surface. What is more, most modern multipurpose solutions, the expert stresses, are marketed as capable of doing that without rubbing lenses during the cleaning procedure.

However, Dr Pucker states in his article, numerous studies have showed that rubbing significantly improves the effectiveness of multipurpose solutions in removing both pathogens and deposits from the surface of contact lenses. Eye care practitioners, therefore, should advise their patients to include the rubbing step in their cleaning procedures, as it may prevent dangerous complications, the expert concludes.

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