Daily Contact Lenses and the Technologies they Use

by Tim Fletcher 22. January 2016 11:30

Daily Contact Lenses and the Technologies they UseDaily disposable contact lenses, as they are always fresh and free of any deposits, are generally considered the safest and the most comfortable contact lens option available. However, as an expert has stressed, they are made in different materials and with the use of various technologies, which can significantly affect patient experience.

According to Dr Ronald Watanabe, the first daily contact lenses were made of conventional hydrogel materials, which offered average oxygen permeability. This did not cause any problems in most patients, but contact lens manufacturers quickly moved to silicone hydrogel materials. At the moment, the expert emphasises in his article, there are at least several brands of daily disposable contact lenses produced with such highly breathable materials.

In addition, manufacturers have found new ways of making daily contact lenses appropriately slippery even at the end of the day by ensuring adequate surface wettability (utilising surfactants, binding hydrophilic polymers to silicone hydrogel materials or infusing lenses with wetting agents). Consequently, patients can wear daily disposables for long hours without any discomfort, Dr Watanabe argues, adding that such lenses should be recommended to all patients who do not need special designs.

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