RGP Contact Lenses a Great Option for Athletes

by Tim Fletcher 21. January 2016 11:30

RGP Contact Lenses a Great Option for AthletesClear and stable vision is undoubtedly extremely important to most professional athletes. For various reasons, glasses usually turn out to be inadequate and athletes turn to soft contact lenses to correct their refractive errors. However, as eye care experts have pointed out in the most recent edition of Contact Lens Spectrum, rigid gas permeable lenses are an excellent option in many cases as well.

According to Dr Carl Kramer and Dr Edward Bennet, RGP contact lenses are a great choice for athletes suffering from high refractive errors, especially high astigmatism, which is not easy to treat with regular lenses. RGP optics are still superior to soft ones and can provide exceptionally sharp vision required in some sports. In addition, athletes with dry eye problems can benefit from scleral RGP lenses, which help keep eyes moist and protect them from the effects of wind and dust.

In the most dynamic sports, RGP contact lenses can give players an advantage allowing them to, for instance, hit a ball more precisely or react to its trajectory faster. Finally, the experts write, rigid gas permeable contact lenses are irreplaceable in athletes with irregular corneas.

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