Expert Discusses Contact Lens Trends in 2015

by Tim Fletcher 20. January 2016 12:00

Expert Discusses Contact Lens Trends in 2015On the whole, 2015 was another very good year for the contact lens industry, though research showed some worrying trends as well, an expert writes in the latest edition of Contact Lens Spectrum.

According to Dr Jason Nichols, in 2015, the number of patients wearing contact lenses instead of glasses increased again, reaching 41 million in the US alone. Studies carried out by market research companies and healthcare bodies showed that contact lens users tend to be well-educated, female and younger than those who wear glasses.

The data suggest, Dr Nichols states in his article, that market growth is mostly driven by the quickly increasing sales of daily disposable contact lenses, which are becoming more and more affordable and are recommended by most practitioners around the world.

The biggest problem associated with contact lenses is still poor compliance with wear and care recommendations, the expert asserts, adding that the only way to resolve it is by improving patient education.

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