Coloured Contact Lenses Appeal to Fashionistas

by Tim Fletcher 19. January 2016 12:00

Coloured Contact Lenses Appeal to FashionistasIn recent years, the popularity of coloured contact lenses has risen significantly. At first, they were mostly worn by youngsters who wanted to spice up their Halloween costumes. Now, however, they are a hit among fashionistas, who use them just like any other accessory, an expert has noted in Optician Online.

According to Bill Harvey, the trend started several years ago and seems quite stable. More and more fashion-conscious individuals decide to give coloured contact lenses a try, choosing various brands and shades to match their outfits.

Unfortunately, some of them, the expert points out, still suffer from lens-related complications. These are mostly associated with poor compliance with lens wear and care instructions, inadequate insertion and removal skills (due to the fact that coloured contact lenses are often used by inexperienced wearers) and lower oxygen permeability offered by coloured contacts (in comparison with regular lenses).

To ensure that the rate of complications decreases, Dr Harvey emphasised, practitioners need to make more effort to educate all people interested in wearing cosmetic contact lenses and fit them with the latest products, which provide more oxygen to the cornea.

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