Man Faces Prison for Selling Contact Lenses without a Licence

by Tim Fletcher 18. January 2016 11:00

Man Faces Prison for Selling Contact Lenses without a LicenceAn American shop owner from Florida is facing a prison sentence for distributing contact lenses without a proper licence and selling several other items requiring appropriate permissions.

Ihsan Innab’s problems began at the end of 2014, when he received a formal notice advising him to stop providing coloured contact lenses and detoxifying substances at his shop. However, a subsequent visit to the shop revealed that he had continued selling the products and he was given another notice. The same thing happened several months later, which prompted local authorities to issue a search warrant, executed on 31st of August. The search resulted in the discovery of, apart from illegally obtained coloured contact lenses, tobacco purchased from an unlicensed supplier.

Defending himself during the investigation, Innab stated that he had sold contact lenses for as many as 10 years without any problems. The explanation, obviously, did not help and the man was arrested. At the moment, after being released on bail, he is awaiting trial.

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