Researchers Test New Dry Eye Treatment for Contact Lens Wearers

by Joel Harrison 17. January 2016 15:00

Researchers Test New Dry Eye Treatment for Contact Lens WearersContact lens wearers suffering from dry eye syndrome should soon have a new treatment option, as a team of researchers have completed clinical trials testing the effectiveness of diquafosol ophthalmic solution.

The trial, whose results have just been published in Clinical Ophthalmology, was carried out by Dr Yamaguchi and his colleagues. It included almost 1,000 dry eye patients, who used the tested solution as a monotherapy. The scientists evaluated the effectiveness of diquafosol on the basis of patient reports, objective signs and subjective symptoms.

In their report, the researchers stated that both signs and symptoms were significantly better in comparison with their baseline levels. Improvement was confirmed by over 80% of contact lens wearers participating in the study, the authors added.

Concluding their paper, Dr Yamaguchi and his team stressed that no adverse effects specifically related to contact lens wear had been noted and that diquafosol can be safely used in lens wearers with dry eye syndrome.

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