Legendary NY Times Journalist Unable to Live without Contact Lenses

by Greg Fisher 14. January 2016 12:30

Legendary NY Times Journalist Unable to Live without Contact LensesContact lenses, unlike glasses, are worn directly on our eyes and, consequently, can become something very close to a body part. A recent interview with a New York Times legend, Bob Herbert, confirms that.

Herbert, who had spent almost twenty years writing for the New York Times, was interviewed by Politico about the things that had the greatest impact on his life and those that are simply a necessity for him. One of these things, the famous journalist revealed, are his contact lenses, which have essentially become a part of his body, a part without which he is ‘blind as a bat.’

Between 1993 and 2011, Herbert was one of New York Times’ most important writers and his columns were syndicated to other newspapers. The topics that he frequently raised included poverty, racism, political apathy in America and the Iraq war. After leaving the newspaper, Herbert joined Demos, an American national think-tank and started to write for the American Prospect Magazine.

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