Research into Tears Allows Development of Better Contact Lenses

by Joel Harrison 26. June 2016 12:30
Studies investigating how tears keep our eyes healthy and protect the surface of the eye from drying have led to the development of much more comfortable and safer contact lenses, experts writing for Optician Online have stressed. [More]

EnChroma Contact Lenses Help Patients with Colour Blindness

by Joel Harrison 20. June 2016 12:30
According to recent research, as many as 8% of people may suffer from some kind of colour vision deficiency. Fortunately, thanks to tinted lenses developed by EnChroma, they can successfully deal with the condition now. [More]

Daily Contact Lenses Should Be Recommended to Children and Teenagers

by Joel Harrison 17. June 2016 12:30
Daily disposable contact lenses are a fantastic vision correction option for children and teenagers, a recently conducted study has demonstrated. [More]

Contact Lenses Recommended in Patients with High Myopia

by Joel Harrison 10. June 2016 14:00
Glasses are not the best vision correction option in patients with high myopia, researchers from the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) have found. [More]

Survey Shows Contact Lens Compliance Unrelated to Awareness

by Joel Harrison 9. June 2016 12:30
A survey recently carried out among contact lens wearers has revealed a strange thing: even though the most patients are properly informed about the importance, they still have problems complying with lens care and wear instructions. [More]


Rugby Star Endorses Orthokeratology Contact Lenses

Rugby Star Endorses Orthokeratology Contact Lenses

by Greg Fisher 11. January 2016 12:01

Rugby Star Endorses Orthokeratology Contact LensesLaura Keates, a World Cup winning rugby player, has revealed that orthokeratology (ortho-K) contact lenses have really helped her improve her performance.

Wearing standard contact lenses, the England and Worcester Ladies RFC player confessed, had started to be quite frustrating, as she kept losing them on the pitch. Switching to glasses was not really possible, so Keates could not do anything to solve her problem. Until, that is, her team doctor advised her about the benefits of orthokeratology contact lenses.

At first, the rugby star was sceptical about the effectiveness of ortho-K contacts, but she soon realised how well they work in practice. She began to insert them in the evening and remove every morning, enjoying perfect vision all day long. What is more, as she did not have to worry about her contacts falling out, Keates’s performance improved significantly.

Keates was fitted at a Birmingham practice by optometrist Geoff Wilson. Asked for a comment on the matter, Wilson stated that regular contact lenses are a fantastic option for most people, but some, like Keates, simply benefit more from wearing orthokeratology lenses.

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