Chickens Fitted with Contact Lenses

by Tim Fletcher 10. January 2016 12:01

Chickens Fitted with Contact LensesPeople have been enjoying the benefits of various types of contact lenses for decades. Now, we can fit them in animals as well, for instance in chickens.

As Malcolm Welshman, the author of Pets in a Pickle, reveals in an interview for the Daily Mail, red tinted contact lenses calm chickens down. As a result, they fight less often, eat less and lay more eggs than before they were fitted with the contact lenses. For the same reasons some farmers place red lights in chicken coops, considerably increasing their productivity, the expert adds.

According to Mr Welshman, depriving animals of certain colours can have a huge impact on how they behave and contact lenses are a great way to achieve that.

Not everyone is so positive about the use of tinted contact lenses in animals, though. Some animal rights activists believe that contact lenses should never be used in animals to increase their productivity and consequently, company profits.

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