Webb Telescope Technology Helps Develop New Contact Lenses

by Joel Harrison 9. January 2016 13:25

Webb Telescope Technology Helps Develop New Contact LensesA technology used to create NASA’s Webb telescope is currently being utilised to develop new contact lenses, a researcher from Abbot Medical Optics has revealed.

Dr Dan Neal, an expert involved in designing new contact lenses for the American company, stated that the programme that will eventually lead to the placement of the James Webb Space Telescope near the Earth–Sun L2 point in 2018 has already resulted in a number of breakthroughs in measurement technology used to diagnose eye conditions and improve the effectiveness and safety of ocular surgery.

Additionally, the scanning and stitching technology developed specifically for the telescope is now being used to carry out measurements in the process of designing contact lenses and intraocular lenses.

Before the Webb telescope programme, Dr Neal emphasised, it was simply impossible to create such precise tools, which will have a huge impact on the quality of the next few generations of contact lenses.

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