CooperVision Renames Its Contact Lens Solutions

by Tim Fletcher 7. January 2016 13:25

CooperVision Renames Its Contact Lens SolutionsAfter acquiring Sauflon Pharmaceuticals, CooperVision has decided to rebrand its contact lens care solutions and make its product range more consistent from the point of view of patients and eye care practitioners.

The new range, which is offered in redesigned packaging, is led by a preservative-free multipurpose solution called Synergi, but name changes affected many other solutions manufactured by CooperVision. For instance, patients who previously used hydrogen peroxide-based solution Multi will need to look for it under the brand name Refine One Step, which will soon be available in practices across the country.

The company has also decided to provide an improved lens case with each bottle of Synergi, All In One Light and Hy-Care solutions. The case, CooperVision’s representatives claim, includes silver ions, which enhance the antimicrobial activity of solutions, making contact lens wear even safer and more comfortable.

According to Rob Healey, who is the company’s European marketing head, the new packaging additionally includes colour codes, which should make it easier for patients to distinguish between various types of contact lens solutions and allow them to choose the one that best suits their needs.

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