Brazilian Human Barbie Only Uses Makeup and Contact Lenses

by Greg Fisher 6. January 2016 14:30

Brazilian Human Barbie Only Uses Makeup and Contact LensesAndressa Damiani, a ‘human Barbie’ from Brazil claims that she has achieved her distinctive doll-like looks with the use of coloured contact lenses and skilful make-up. No surgery of any kind was involved.

The 23-year-old celebrity has an unusually narrow waist, very long legs and facial features making her resemble Elsa from Disney’s animated film Frozen. Interviewed recently by an online lifestyle magazine, Damiani has stressed that she has not undergone any cosmetic surgery and is not dieting to keep herself so slim. Instead, she focuses on her eyes and hair, wearing blue coloured contact lenses with limbal rings (to visually increase the size of her irises) and hair extensions.

Damiani’s YouTube channel is currently subscribed by over 600,000 people, who regularly watch her videos, in which she provides tips on how to copy her ‘Elsa’ make-up or how to enhance certain facial features with eyeliner pencils, eye shadow, false eyelashes and lipsticks.

Looking like a doll, Damiani confesses, has improved her self-esteem and boosted her confidence. Now she wants other people to be able to do the same.

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