Charles Dance Wears Coloured Contact Lenses Playing a Satan Like Alien

by Greg Fisher 5. January 2016 13:35

Charles Dance Wears Coloured Contact Lenses Playing a Satan Like AlienIn the new Syfy miniseries, Childhood’s End, Charles Dance is really difficult to recognise under heavy make-up, prosthetic elements and with coloured contact lenses covering his irises.

The series is based on a novel written by Arthur C. Clarke and features an alien race looking like many of us imagine the devil does, with horns, leathery skin, creepy eyes and a pointy tail. Charles Dance plays the leader of the aliens and makes a huge impression on the viewers every time he appears on the screen.

According to Matthew Graham, Arthur C. Clarke’s idea was that the aliens’ appearance was something that our subconscious responded to. Interviewed recently, Graham also revealed that Dance had to spend five hours each day in the make-up room, listening to some heavy rock music and patiently waiting for the crew to finish their job transforming him into a Satan look-alike.

Interestingly, it was the coloured contact lenses that caused the most problems for the famous actor. After about an hour they simply became uncomfortable and Dance needed to take them out for a while. The devilish effect they provided, however, was definitely worth the pain.

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