New Technology Makes Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solutions Safer

by Tim Fletcher 4. January 2016 14:01

New Technology Makes Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solutions SaferContact lens care solutions based on hydrogen peroxide are very popular in some countries due to their excellent efficiency in disinfecting contact lenses. Now, thanks to a new, smart contact lens case, they will be even easier and safer to use.

According to Dr Michael A. Ward, hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions are capable of removing dangerous microbes from the surface of contact lenses by means of oxidation. They can kill fungi, bacteria, protozoa and viruses and do not need to be preserved with any additional chemical substances. However, before contact lenses sterilised with such solutions can be worn, hydrogen peroxide has to be neutralised to prevent damage to the surface of the eye.

To help patients avoid unpleasant complications, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals has developed a special electronic contact lens case which monitors the process of hydrogen peroxide neutralisation and displays relevant information with the use of LEDs. If the solution in the case is unsafe, a red light is lit or flashes. When contact lenses are ready to be worn again, the light is green. The system is very simple and, the manufacturer assures, therefore very effective.

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