Polishing RGP Contact Lenses

by Tim Fletcher 3. January 2016 13:30

Polishing RGP Contact LensesRigid gas permeable contact lenses have several advantages over the extremely popular soft lenses. One of them is their durability, which allows their wearers to use them for months or even years without any negative effects on the vision or comfort they provide. However, from time to time, RGP contact lenses require some professional maintenance, including polishing.

According to Dr John Mark Jackson, RGP contact lens maintenance is similar do dental care: most things can be done at home, but professional help is also necessary.

Polishing rigid gas permeable contact lenses allows practitioners to remove surface deposits negatively affecting vision and increasing the risk of lens-related infections. In addition, it can remove scratches from contact lenses, though only the light ones.

To polish a pair of RGP contact lenses effectively, an eye care practitioner needs several pieces of specialist equipment, including a polishing unit and a lens spinner. The whole process is relatively straightforward. First, the practitioner places the lens on the spinner tool with the front surface facing up, applies polish to a sponge tool and touches the lens with it, allowing it to spin. Then, he or she checks the lens surface and moves to polishing the back surface, which is done in a very similar way. Finally, the edge of the lens is polished (usually with the back surface facing up), Dr Jackson concludes his article.

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