Multifocal Scleral Contact Lenses Help Patients with Presbyopia and Dry Eye

by Tim Fletcher 31. December 2015 13:12

Multifocal Scleral Contact Lenses Help Patients with Presbyopia and Dry EyeAccording to the most recent statistics, presbyopia affects more than 1.7 billion people around the world and the number is predicted to increase by at least 10% by 2020. What is more, many presbyopic patients suffer from dry eye syndrome, which makes regular contact lens wear not very comfortable. Fortunately, an eye care expert has pointed out, such patients can take advantage of multifocal scleral contact lenses.

According to Dr Melissa Barnett, scleral contact lenses are used not only to correct vision in patients with irregular corneas, but also to treat conditions affecting the surface of the eye (e.g. severe dry eye caused by Sjögren’s syndrome). In addition, the expert notes in one of her most recent articles, scleral contact lenses are increasingly often fitted in patients with high astigmatism and those with residual refractive errors post LASIK surgery.

As patients with presbyopia need multifocal designs, regular scleral contact lenses do not solve their problems. However, Dr Barnett stresses, there are now numerous new multifocal scleral options available on the market. These contact lenses combine the benefits of regular scleral contact lenses and multifocal ones, providing presbyopes with excellent vision and resolving their dry eye issues, the expert concludes.

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