Children and Coloured Contact Lenses

by Tim Fletcher 30. December 2015 12:12

Children and Coloured Contact LensesIt may seem that coloured contact lenses are not for children, but, as an eye care expert reveals in a recent article published in Contact Lens Spectrum, there are cases in which coloured contacts are simply a necessity.

According to Dr Melanie Frogozo, very young patients can benefit from using coloured contacts for different cosmetic and medical reasons. For instance, coloured contact lenses can be used instead of patches when treating amblyopia. What is more, coloured contact lenses are helpful in managing achromatopsia, which manifests itself with extreme photophobia, and albinism, which often has similar symptoms.

Another condition that can be treated with the use of coloured contact lenses is colobomas, affecting the iris and causing photosensitivity, Dr Frogozo points out. Finally, children with unilateral microcornea (in which one of the corneas is significantly smaller than the other one) can benefit from wearing prosthetic contact lenses visually increasing the size of the affected cornea, the expert concludes her article.

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