Contact Lenses Cure Recurrent Uveitis

by Tim Fletcher 29. December 2015 12:45

Contact Lenses Cure Recurrent UveitisAfter a long struggle to overcome a very unpleasant condition, a 44-year-old patient has been finally successfully treated with Biofinity contact lenses.

Heidi (her practitioner, Dr Vicki Macken, has revealed only her first name) had suffered from recurrent anterior uveitis for many years when she was referred to Hassocks Eyecare Centre in West Sussex. Her case seemed exceptionally difficult, but Dr Macken decided to take up the challenge and started to treat her.

After initial examination, Heidi was fitted with contact lenses (Biofinity Spherical in the right eye and Biofinity Toric in the left one). The lenses fitted very well, though the patient still needed reading glasses for near work. After several months, Heidi was refitted with stronger lenses and suffered a flare-up of her uveitis, which was dealt with promptly.

At the moment, Heidi can wear her contact lenses comfortably for 10-12 hours a day and is quite happy with the vision they provide as well as the fact that uveitis has practically stopped being a problem for her.

For her management of the case, Dr Macken was named the winner of this year’s CooperVision Life-Enhancing Contact Lens competition.

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