Improper Contact Lens Use Linked with Acute Conjunctivitis

Improper Contact Lens Use Linked with Acute ConjunctivitisPatients who do not clean and store their contact lenses appropriately are at an increased risk for acute conjunctivitis, the results of research presented at the Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium suggest.

According to Dr Penny Asbell (Icahn School of Medicine, New York), who presented the research, contact lenses are a risk factor for ocular infection. However, infections associated with contact lens wear are generally caused by failure to comply with lens wear and care instructions, the expert added.

Dr Asbell stressed that paediatricians should advise young lens wearers to avoid sleeping in their lenses and using water to clean them. What is more, healthcare professionals should discourage patients from mixing fresh and old lens care solutions, as this could result in lens contamination and eye infection.

Referring to the increasing popularity of cosmetic contact lenses, the expert emphasised that these must be treated in exactly the same way as regular contacts and that they should never be purchased without a prescription.