Expert Discusses the Latest Contact Lens Technology

Expert Discusses the Latest Contact Lens TechnologyContact lenses, first envisioned by the great Leonardo da Vinci, have undergone great changes over the past two decades. These changes, an eye care expert has pointed out, are strictly connected with progress in science and the technology of manufacturing.

According to Tim Grant, the head of the Asian department of Alcon Vision Care, all new contact lenses are extensively tested before they are introduced onto the market and patients can now enjoy lenses significantly better than ten years ago. However, the expert added, even the most modern materials and sophisticated designs do not provide appropriate safety and comfort if contact lenses are not maintained properly.

Grant revealed he uses extended wear contact lenses, which do not need to be removed for as many as thirty days. This is because they are made of an extremely high gas permeable silicone hydrogel material introduced a few years ago. The lenses are an example, the expert noted, of how far contact lens technology has come. And it is still developing, as researchers keep working on materials more resistant to various microbes and better tolerated by the human eye, Grant concluded.