Visual Rehabilitation with Scleral Contact Lenses

Visual Rehabilitation with Scleral Contact LensesHighly gas permeable scleral contact lenses are often used for visual rehabilitation in patients who have undergone penetrating keratoplasty. Recently, a group of researchers have carried out a study to find out how effective such lenses are in the long term.

The researchers reviewed a database with the records of 31 patients fitted with scleral contact lenses. They analysed such factors as the reasons for the surgical procedure, demographic data, the quality of vision achieved with the use of the contact lenses, the duration of treatment and complications.

All of the patients were fitted with scleral contact lenses because their vision could not be appropriately corrected with other types of contact lenses or glasses. Almost all of the patients continued to use scleral contact lenses for periods ranging from 6 months to 9 years.

More than two thirds of the patients achieved very good functional vision. During the follow-up period, one of the patient’s graft was rejected. In addition, two patients developed microbial keratitis.

In their report, the researchers stated that scleral contact lenses are an excellent option for patients after penetrating keratoplasty and could be recommended to most of them.