New Scleral Multifocal Contact Lenses Available

by Tim Fletcher 24. March 2013 08:27

New Scleral Multifocal Contact Lenses Available

Advanced Vision Technologies has announced that their newest product, AVT Scleral Multifocal contact lenses, is available.

The new lenses, the company states in its latest press release, feature a back aspheric, distance centre and Tangent Carrier design, which means that the contacts could be worn by all patients with normal and irregular corneas. The add powers that AVT Scleral Multifocal contact lenses offer range from +1.00 to +3.00 D.

The lenses are characterised by a better alignment fitting relationship on the patient’s sclera, which results from the use of tangent carrier angles that can be adjusted, increasing or reducing the lenses’ landing angles.

AVT Scleral Multifocal contact lenses are fitted very easily, thanks to a special fitting system, which includes a combination of three central base curves, tangent angle carriers and diameters. What is more, patients can order custom versions of the lenses with the company.

Advanced Vision Technologies is a Colorado-based company manufacturing and marketing specialty contact lenses, both soft and rigid gas permeable ones.

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