US Contact Lens Market to Continue Growing

by Tim Fletcher 21. September 2012 08:12

US Contact Lens Market to Continue Growing

According to the latest research, the American disposable medical supplies market (which includes contact lenses and related products) will continue to rise and its value will increase substantially by 2016.

Daily disposable contact lenses are listed among the products that will gain the most popularity. The other ones include blood glucose test strips, dry powder inhalers, urinary catheters, biological wound closures and transdermal patches.

The largest companies operating on the market are Johnson & Johnson and 3M Company, which manufacture various medical devices and materials.

The reason for the continuous growth in the sector is ageing population, increasing incidence of many diseases and the extended health insurance coverage which was introduced by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Stricter measures related to infection prevention also promote the sales of disposable medical supplies.

Daily disposable contact lenses are less popular in the United States than in other developed countries, which means that there is considerable growth potential in this sector of the market.

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