Christian Dior Contact Lenses

Christian Dior Contact LensesIt seems that the famous fashion house is making an attempt to enter the contact lens market. A series of coloured contact lenses with the CD logo is available for purchase.

The move is unprecedented as no other major fashion house has ever tried to play a role on this market. Now, contact lens users can buy specially designed coloured lenses with gold flakes along the right side, which may make them popular among the fans of vampire films such as the Twilight saga. The lenses also have a black rim and a clearly visible logo of the fashion house on the left.

It is yet unknown whether there will be other designs. So far, Christian Dior has been immensely successful selling designer glasses and shades. The new line of products is something of an experiment that has been received with mixed reactions, most of which seem to express scepticism concerning putting a branded item in a person’s eyes. Nonetheless, there is a considerable amount of interest in the lenses, so it appears that Dior’s aims have – to a certain extent – already been achieved.