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UV Glow Contact Lenses

Surprise your friends at a nightclub with your shining eyes!

Image by amberskiescosplay

Glow Blue Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Green Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Orange Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Pink Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Pink Jubilee Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Red Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow White Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Yellow Contact Lenses
£18.50 £25.99
Glow Electric Blue Contact Lenses
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Do UV glow contacts shine in the dark?

The coloured contact lenses in this category are unlike any other. By day, some of them appear completely transparent, almost invisible or resemble standard coloured contacts with a bright colour iris. By night, however, under UV light (at a nightclub, for instance), they change completely and start to glow, giving you an extraordinarily eerie look! It's worth noting that these lenses don't glow under normal lighting conditions, only after exposure to UV rays.

There’s no need to worry about the effects of the contacts on your eyes. They may look radioactive at times, but they are manufactured with the use of perfectly safe, thoroughly tested UV sensitive pigments. The glowing tint is trapped inside two, very thin layers of hydrogel material, which assures extra safety and an even distribution of the colouring agent. And as they offer excellent comfort, you can wear them as often as you want to and creep people out on a daily basis.

For instance, you could try using the red glow type lenses for your Dracula costume - eyes shining in the dark will certainly spook out even the most indifferent friends. White glowing contacts, on the other hand, are a perfect addition to any zombie outfit. During the day and in normal lighting conditions you will look just like one of the regular undead (if there’s anything regular about them), but under UV light your gaze will have a super creepy effect to it, giving the willies to anyone who might receive it. Then there are green and yellow glowing contacts, which are brilliant not only for an alien costume but also for a cat outfit with authentic glowing eyes. After all, cat’s eyes glow in the dark, when light is shone upon them, don’t they? These just do it under blacklight.

Blue glowing contacts have even more applications, especially given the fact that there are two different types of them. The first one has a bright blue colour that is also quite noticeable in daylight. The second one, on the other hand, is completely transparent in regular light and becomes blue only under UV light rays. Think Riddick! What’s more, this model covers your iris as well as pupil, so the final result achieved with these lenses is something quite different from any other models of contacts.

Orange and pink glowing lenses will cheer up even the gloomiest day for any cosplayer or makeup artist and it’s only your imagination that might limit the number of ideas you could use these contacts for. They can be incorporated in a colourful ‘zombae’ makeup project, a clown costume or virtually anything else that comes to mind.

Though the look they create may not seem to be for everyone, UV Glow Contact Lenses provide such a unique effect that you should at least give them a try next time you’re looking for ideas.

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