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Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses: English in GBP
Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses: English in USD
Zwariowane Soczewki w Mocach: Po polsku w PLN
Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses: English in EUR

Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses

Say no to glasses on top of your funky Halloween makeup!

Image by beckahsuicide

Anaconda | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Avatar | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
BlackOut | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Blood Shot | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Cat Eyes | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Dragon Eye | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Eclipse Werewolf | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Green Werewolf | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Hell Raiser | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Lunatic | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Orange Werewolf | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Red Devil | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Sky Blue | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Solar Blue | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Twilight | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
Viper | Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses
£14.50 £21.99
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Halloween contacts with prescription

If you're planning a crazy Halloween party or trick-or-treating session then likely your costume is the most important thing on your mind and needs to be carefully planned ahead of time. The look of your eyes can make a huge difference to your overall appearance and the impression you make on others, so a pair of coloured contacts is an absolute must-have for such an event. Without them your costume will simply be incomplete. However, for those who struggle with eyesight problems it may not be so easy to get them with vision correction, as usually these kinds of accessories are available only in plano. Fortunately we are here with a great solution.

Obviously, standard or zero power Halloween contact lenses can be worn by anyone, also those who require vision correction. But why ruin the whole effect with glasses if you can put on prescription contact lenses instead? Let your vision be crystal clear and your costume free from unnecessary distractions and select a pair of lenses with vision correction. That way you’ll enjoy your Halloween gig even more and your friends will be hugely impressed with your perfected look.

Our selection of prescription Halloween contact lenses is exceptionally wide and you will most probably get exactly what you are looking for here. Whether you want to spend a few crazy hours as a zombie, cat or werewolf, you will find a great option at Optyk Rozmus. Not only does our offer include classically creepy contacts suitable for zombie or vampire costumes, but also slightly more versatile coloured models that can turn you into a clown, or a snake or virtually anything your imagination comes up with. Thanks to them you won’t have to worry about being as blind as a bat and even more importantly you’ll look simply awesome.

Costume contact lenses with prescription can obviously be worn for various occasions and special events, not only on the 31st of October. For example, if you’re into cosplay, but you suffer from nearsightedness, you might be interested in many of the items presented here, as they will not only help you see better but also become the finishing touch to your costume. Also makeup artists often find prescription costume contacts quite useful in their work as they bring a polished quality to their creations. Regardless of your plans on how to use them, you can be sure that these contacts will significantly improve your outfit and provide you with clear vision.

Are prescription Halloween contact lenses safe?

There have been many horror stories over the last few years of people who have suffered injuries from poor quality or even unapproved products. We carefully and meticulously select all of the items we sell to ensure that quality and safety are our number one priorities. All of the prescription Halloween contact lenses available at our shop are approved as medical devices and meet the strictest quality and health standards, which means they are not only comfortable, but also as safe as regular clear contacts. Made of the most advanced, highly breathable and wettable materials, the lenses can be worn on a regular basis for as long as three months, assuming they are maintained, clean and always handled with proper care.

Products from this category come in plano (zero power) version and of course in the most common corrective powers ranging from -1.0 to -6.0 in 0.5D steps. Before ordering your items in powers make sure that you have a valid contact lens prescription from your eye care provider and that the selected lens parameters match that script. If you are an inexperienced lens user and need help learning how to wear contacts and how to look after them, make sure to undergo a lens fitting session with an optician and then visit our Advice Section for some useful contact lens tips. With a bit of practice, you’ll master the art of putting contacts in and getting ready for Halloween will be as easy as pie.

Now go! 😀 Find something matching your costume and never again be a bespectacled werewolf or zombie!May your eyesight be as sharp as a razor and your outfit an epic creation.

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