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Halloween Contact Lenses

An essential part of your crazy Halloween costume

Image by __cherry__pie

£14.50 £21.99
Anaconda - EXPIRY 2020
£7.25 £21.99
Angel Dust 22mm Sclera
£62.99 £85.99
Apocalypse 22mm Sclera
£62.99 £85.99
Athena Blue 22mm Sclera
£62.99 £85.99
£14.50 £21.99
Avatar - EXPIRY 2020
£7.25 £21.99
Barbie Pink
£14.50 £21.99
Bio Hazard
£14.50 £21.99
Black Screen
£14.50 £21.99
Black Titan 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
Blackhole Sun 17mm Mini Sclera
£21.99 £29.99
£14.50 £21.99
£14.50 £21.99
Blood Shot
£14.50 £21.99
Blood Shot - EXPIRY 2020
£7.25 £21.99

Why do people buy Halloween contact lenses in the UK?

Every year at the beginning of October many of us face a serious challenge. Getting together just the right costume is not easy and you may spend a late night and a great deal of time looking for something really special. With our collection of Halloween-themed contact lenses, the task can become a little easier and you will be able to dazzle everyone at the wildest party of the year!

The range of coloured contacts designed specifically for Halloween available at Optyk Rozmus is very wide. We offer lenses that can complement virtually any kind of costume, even those worn by professional cosplayers, who are a particularly discerning group of our customers. Also, professional makeup artists shall find whatever they need for their wildly themed makeup creations among items presented in this group of products.

The category includes whatever you’re able to imagine, from the classic vampire contacts to the new Marvel-inspired ones. From the realistic (though still unsettling) Yellow Leopard design to creepy abstract ones like 'Kraken' or 'Kurse'. Whatever you decide, you can quickly turn into a zombie, werewolf or even the Green Goblin. Your costume will get that extra punch and you’ll be able to lose yourself in the character you play or the creature you imitate.

Sometimes size matters and in this case it does, so the costume contacts you can choose from in this category include standard size ones usually in the 14.5mm diameter range as well as slightly larger 17mm mini scleras and of course the epic full eye sclera contacts that will take your costume into a whole new level, comparable even to professional stage makeup.

What’s more, for your upcoming costume event you may also order a pair of awesome UV Glow contacts that glow in UV light. They are ideal for parties taking place in clubs and pubs equipped with black lights or special UV lights. Without them, your eyes will still be brightly coloured but they won’t glow in the dark.

How safe and comfortable are Halloween lenses?

Of course, even at the craziest of parties, you need to feel comfortable and sure that your eyes will be perfectly healthy the next morning. With our crazy contacts, there’s no need to worry about any of that. All products including these stunning special effects contact lenses offered at our online shop have been thoroughly tested and are CE approved.

Our listings consist of products made solely by well-known and trusted manufacturers, using the latest manufacturing processes and the most advanced materials. In addition, we offer lens care solutions and storage cases, which makes us an easy one-stop-shop for all your contact lens needs. Moreover, we have special eye drops to help dry eye sufferers to enjoy costume parties irrespective of where they take place and how long they go on for.

If you need vision correction, check out our prescription Halloween lenses. Most of them are available in all common powers and plano. So go ahead and leave those pesky glasses at home and embrace the creature inside!

Finally, if you do not wear contact lenses too often or have never tried them before, you'll be able to find a great amount of useful lens care information on our website, which includes videos concerning lens fitting and applying sclera contacts for our UK customers. The latter may come in handy even for experienced contact lens users, as sclera lenses can be tricky and a little scary at first. (it's actually way easier than you think). We also recommend visiting an eye care provider before your first purchase in order to perform a lens fitting session with a specialist.

Now go ahead and browse through the category and find something special for yourself! And remember, if you look after them properly our lenses can be worn on many occasions throughout the year, not just the night of all hallows eve!

Customer Reviews for our Halloween Contact Lenses

Number of reviews: 315
Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5